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A chance meeting leads to a gift that lasts beyond a lifetime

Chuck and Debbie DudleyIt was the well-behaved puppy wearing a yellow Guide Dogs of America puppy-in-training jacket that caught the attention of Chuck and Debbie Dudley at a friend’s party. The couple struck up a conversation with the woman who was raising the puppy for GDA, and the lifelong dog lovers had made a new friend. It was this chance meeting that led to the Dudley’s becoming donors in 2001 and, since 2009, GDA Partners in Trust.

“Going to the Open Houses and seeing what guide dogs do for the visually impaired with only private donations, we couldn’t help but want to make a difference in any way we could,” said Dudley. “Taking the tour of the facility really gives you a feel for what goes on there, and the importance of the work.”

Dudley says he is “a walking advertisement” for GDA and that he takes every opportunity to tell people about the school.

As for taking their financial commitment to the school a step further, “With GDA, you actually know where your donations are going. It means a lot because, even after we're gone, our Trust will continue to support GDA and change someone’s life by giving them freedom and mobility,” said Dudley.

“We love dogs, and we really love the idea of them being bred and trained to help people,” said Dudley. “Most dogs just want to be loved, and GDA dogs are needed as much as they are loved — and that's such a perfect combination for woman’s or man’s best friends.”

For information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Rhonda Bissell at 818-833-6432.

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