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They Did the Math and it Added up to GDA

Judy and Doug Fisher with OakleyDoug and Judy Fisher have been doing their homework together since they met in 10th-grade geometry class. That was 45 years ago. So when it came time to do their estate planning, the couple did their homework again, and again, the subject was math. Everything added up to naming Guide Dogs of America in their trust.

"We love dogs and want to help people. Giving to GDA was the ideal way to do both," said Doug Fisher. "When we learned how much of every dollar goes directly into the program, we were impressed. It made the decision to give to the school very easy."

The Fishers visited GDA when they retired to tour the campus and meet the staff. They saw first-hand the work and dedication that goes into training a guide dog and were in awe of what they saw and what they learned.

"A guide dog gives a blind person abilities that they don't have," said Fisher. "When you give to GDA, you know that your donation dollars are making a difference. You can see the results. We plan to visit the school next year and attend a graduation. Just thinking about seeing the students graduate with their dogs brings tears to my eyes."

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