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GDA Graduation Inspires Legacy of Giving

Edith HunioFor Edith and Robert Hunio, all it took was attending just one graduation for them to know they wanted to support Guide Dogs of America and name the school in their trust. The Hunios were introduced to GDA by their friends in 1992 and have been Partners in Trust ever since.

“The ceremony brought tears to our eyes,” said Edith Hunio, whose husband Robert passed away in 2013. “After witnessing what the dogs did for these individuals, Robert looked at me and I looked at him, and we thought that we have to leave something to the school. Within just about a week, we changed our trust to include GDA.

“It is more personal than giving money to just any charity. In this case you know how the money will be used and who you are helping,” said Hunio, a lifelong dog lover. “We thought it was a marvelous organization that could do this for people and how wonderful it was for these dogs to feel useful, loved and cared for. I am sure the dogs know they are doing good for people.”

Hunio encourages anyone considering naming GDA in their trust to attend one of the graduations, which are held four times a year.

“If you go to a graduation, you can’t help but be so emotionally moved and inspired,” she said. “If you want to do good in the world, I don’t think there is any greater good that you can do than to give someone who has lost their vision a gift of a guide dog.

“To know that you played a part in helping to make someone’s life better… it’s a good thing to do. It is a wonderful organization and I admire and applaud everyone involved in working with and training these dogs,” Hunio added.

For information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Rhonda Bissell at 818-833-6432.

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