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Eleanor HughesEleanor Hughes became involved with Guide Dogs of America more than three decades ago when her late husband Judge Charles Hughes was named to the Board of Directors for the school. The couple attended all the GDA events and Eleanor became an active volunteer, giving tours of the school, serving as a receptionist, making cookies for the events...whatever needed to be done. In addition to giving generously of their time, Judge and Mrs. Hughes began making contributions to GDA as part of their charitable giving and became Partners in Trust. When Judge Hughes passed away, he left a significant donation to the school and Mrs. Hughes has also named GDA in her will to ensure their support of the school continues.

"We felt that GDA gave so much support to the confidence of the guide dog user," said Mrs. Hughes. "With their guide dogs, visually impaired people have a friend and a companion that is with them night and day. It's such a worthy cause to donate to GDA and be a part of providing this kind of assistance to those whom are blind."

Now in her 90s, Mrs. Hughes says that over the past several years the effects of macular degeneration and glaucoma that have gradually left her with limited vision has made giving to GDA even more personal. "I understand, to a certain extent, what the students that come to GDA are going through. I just feel it's so important for them to be mobile and active. Using a cane doesn't do it. A guide dog gives you the freedom to move about. 

For information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Rhonda Bissell at 818-833-6432.

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