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Newlyweds That Began Their Life Together by Giving to GDA Continue Legacy

Lin RiggsIt was the late 1980s, and newly married John and Lin Riggs were making some of their first decisions as a couple. When it came time for him to designate a charity under the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which would deduct a contribution from each of his paychecks to the charity of his choosing, Riggs consulted his wife.

"I looked at the list and I went right to Guide Dogs of America," said Lin Riggs. "I had experience being with blind people throughout my life. My mother had vision loss from an early age and, growing up, I knew several people who had served in Vietnam and lost their vision. As soon as I saw Guide Dogs of America, I knew it was the charity we should give to."

The Riggs' continued to designate GDA as their CFC donation over the years. Nearly 20 years after that first decision to support the school, the couple decided again that Guide Dogs of America would continue to benefit from their support and named the school in their trust.

"You want to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy life more and to give them the ability to live their life to the fullest. A guide dog does that," said Riggs. "The person also gets the unconditional love from their guide dog. I have always had a dog and I know how important that love is and how much better it can make your life."

When she is asked about why she chooses to give her money to a cause that benefit animals rather than people, Riggs is quick to correct them.

"Guide dogs are for people. Our donation gives the dog purpose and a job, but the dog gives the person freedom and independence. What more would you want to do with your money?"

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