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Barbara Meagher

Barbara Meagher learned about Guide Dogs of America after her beloved dog died, and her vet suggested she contact the school. This was in 1995, and Meagher has been a donor ever since.

Even though she had been making regular donations at the holidays and various times throughout the year, she wanted to do more. When her husband passed away last year, Meagher updated her trust and designated GDA to receive a significant donation, becoming a Partner in Trust.

“I thought GDA would be the best organization to give my money to. Being a Partner in Trust ensures that my estate will continue to give to such a worthy cause that helps those in need,” Meagher said. “I still send in money, as I have been doing, because I know that every bit helps.”

Meagher makes sure those around her understand why she chose GDA and why she encourages others to do the same.

“I want people to understand the important work that GDA does for those who are visually impaired or blind, so I tell them to put on a blindfold. Then I ask how they would like to go around the rest of their life not being able to see and having to ask for help to get around,” Meagher said. “I ask them to think about having a guide dog, a loving and loyal companion that could help them out and give them independence. It really gives them something to think about.”

Meagher has not visited the school in many years, but says that she feels connected to all that is going on through the newsletter and the regular “touch-base” calls she gets from the school, which she appreciates very much.

“GDA doesn’t forget that they have friends out there,” Meagher said. “I feel very close to the organization because of the personal contact.”

Guide Dogs of America is privileged to benefit from the generosity of caring individuals like Meagher. Gifts to our endowment will continue to support our mission to place extraordinary guide dogs with the visually impaired to enhance their lives. If you would like information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Rhonda Bissell at (818) 833-6432.

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