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Investing In What She Loves

Dawn Giterman

Dawn Giterman is using her estate plan to support GDA.

“A life without a dog would be a life without purpose,” says Dawn Giterman, who recently named GDA in her estate.

Dawn spent her career as a successful hair colorist at a high-end Los Angeles salon. Semi-retired these days, she shares, “I was incredibly lucky with my career and worked at an incredible salon. But growing up, I never anticipated owning a home or having investments. I never even thought I'd have money!”

When it came time to write a will, Dawn struggled. She openly shares, “You get to a certain point in your life when you have to write a will, and I'll tell you for me, it was a very strange experience. I'm single, never married with no kids, and have no close family. I didn't know whom to leave it all to…it's not like I can leave it to my Maltese, Luca.”

That was until one day, a client/friend of Dawn's mentioned that she named Guide Dogs of America in her charitable trust. Dawn remembered seeing the puppies in training at the Hollywood Bowl and was impressed with how well they behaved. Her friend then said, “You love your dogs, right? Invest in what you love.” That was when Dawn knew GDA was the perfect partner for her estate.

Dawn GitermanAs someone who suffers from anxiety, Dawn understands just how important dogs are. “I've had dogs for 25 years, and I can't tell you how much they've helped me. They get me out of the house; I've met my neighbors; I go to the dog park—they make your life better,” she says.

“They help you get through things in life that you just can't on your own,” she adds.

“I want to be an example for other single people like me that don't have anyone to leave their estate to,” Dawn says. “It's so amazing what can be done when someone has a trained guide dog. Knowing these dogs will change people's lives, that I am going to help other people—I couldn't think of a better place for my estate to go.”

Like Dawn, you can ensure your values live on with a gift in your estate to Guide Dogs of America. Contact Zachary A. Gittlen at 818-833-6426 (office) or 818-259-6590 (cell) or to learn more about your many options.

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