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Guide dogJanice Baxter was a very young girl when she learned about Guide Dogs of America (GDA). Her father was the president of an International Association of Machinists (IAM) local lodge; the IAM is the union that founded the school. Janice saw how the union supported the school and how her parents also contributed. She thought it was a very good cause and she liked that her family was a part of it.

When she was out with her mom, they would frequently see a blind man with his guide dog who lived in the community. She thought how fortunate he was to have a guide dog.

As soon as she joined the workforce, Janice started to make regular contributions to GDA.

"It wasn't much when I first started working, but as the years went on, and without a family of my own, I started to contribute more. I wanted to make a difference while I am still alive," Janice says. "About 15 years ago, I became a Partner in Trust to ensure Guide Dogs of America would continue to receive a contribution from me after my lifetime. I am so happy with my decision."

Janice says that she still gets tears in her eyes when she sees a blind or visually impaired person with their guide dog.

"GDA does such amazing work," Janice says. "So many of us take our sight for granted. There is so much need for help in this world, and if I can contribute and possibly inspire others to do the same, well, that is just wonderful. I want people to know about Guide Dogs of America and how many grateful people and families there are because of the incredible work that they do."

Guide Dogs of America is privileged to benefit from the generosity of caring individuals like Janice Baxter. Gifts to our endowment will continue to support our mission. If you would like information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Rhonda Bissell at 818-833-6432 or

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