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Maria and Dan Carmean

A genuine love for animals was the driving force that lead Dan and Maria Carmean to Guide Dogs of America (GDA). After learning about our mission to transform lives through partnerships with service dogs, in 1998, the couple attended many GDA fundraisers to support the school. They saw firsthand the training and extraordinary dogs that GDA provides to people who are blind and visually impaired and were in awe of the dogs, facility, and training.

In 2013 the Carmean's decided to designated GDA in their estate. "The decision was easy once we met a lovely GDA graduate and her guide dog during a fundraiser held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. She told us about the freedom and confidence she gained once she had a guide dog by her side. Even talking about it now brings tears to my eyes. Her story inspired us to leave a lasting gift," said Maria.

When Dan and Maria learned about the addition of Tender Loving Canines, they were thrilled more people would benefit from highly-skilled service dogs. "It is a wonderful way to expand the school and create more incredible partnerships. I would encourage other animal lovers to take some time to attend events to learn more about this organization. The more you learn, the more you'll be moved to help. Your donation is giving someone the gift of independence that is a guide dog." Becoming a Partner in Trust ensures Dan and Maria's support of GDA will continue for years to come.

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