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Donor Committed to Helping Visually Impaired Chooses GDA

Mordechai (Mort) ArdittiWhen Mordechai (Mort) Arditti decided it was time to write his trust, he reflected on who should be the beneficiary of his estate and how it would be allocated.

"I wanted my trust to help those with vision loss. I knew of Guide Dogs of America, but I didn't know any details about the program," Mort says. "I arranged a time to visit the school and learn about becoming a Partner In Trust. I was extremely impressed by GDA's commitment to keeping administrative and overhead costs low. It was important to me to know that my donation will have a direct benefit and will enhance the life of someone with a visual impairment; with GDA as a beneficiary, I know that it will."

Since becoming a Partner in Trust more than 10 years ago, Mort has supported the school in other ways, as well.

"I've attended the Open House and the Annual Charity Banquet in Las Vegas, I've even done my holiday shopping at GDA," Mort says. "The work being done by GDA for the blind is great. I am happy to support the school in a significant way by naming them in my trust, but I know the smaller ways that I contribute throughout the year also make a difference."

Sadly, Mort passed away this year and is sorely missed by everyone at Guide Dogs of America. His gift to GDA will serve the purpose he desired; to improve the lives of those visually impaired through the use of a trained guide dog. We can’t say thank you enough, Mort!

For information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Rhonda Bissell at 818-833-6432.

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