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Virginia QuintanaNaming Guide Dogs of America in her estate plan was an easy choice for Virginia Quintana. Her dear friend spoke highly of the organization, which first piqued her interest in the school. After learning more, Virginia attended her first fundraising event and many after that. "I loved attending the events and saw how well behaved the puppies in-training were. It's like they weren't even there!" said Virginia. After she saw the program first-hand, Virginia designated GDA as a beneficiary in her estate plan.

Virginia QuintanaIt was important to Virginia that her contribution to the school goes directly to the dogs. "I love that GDA will use my donation specifically for the program, rather than frivolous things. You can see my gift at work through the dogs they provide."

Virginia was thrilled about the addition of GDA's service dog program. "It already felt so good giving to an organization that helps people who are blind. I was so pleased to hear about the expansion and that my contribution will also help Veterans and children with autism get service dogs!" If you would like information about becoming a Partner in Trust, please contact Zachary A. Gittlen at 818-833-6426 (office) or 818-259-6590 (cell) or

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